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Planned Posts

Thought I’d add a list of things I am thinking of writing about, but haven’t slotted in the time to get on and do iyet. Please feel free to add a comment to tell me if these titles sound interesting to you and I should get my act in gear and write them.

  1. Outcome of experiments in paid for advertising versus hard slog (facebook and twitter)
  2. Hashtag promotional hours on twitter
  3. What is RSS and feedburner?
  4. Blogloving and the importance of being a blog reader as well as writer
  5. Sourcing images and understanding Creative Commons licences
  6. WordPress.com versus WordPress.org self hosting
  7. Eventbrite for organising your events, registrations and ticket sales
  8. WordPress templates with sliders – love ’em or hate ’em?

PS I’ll also make this page a bit prettier later


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