I’ve noticed birthdays appearing on my Google calendar of people I don’t know. Where have they come from? Google+ circles it would appear. I won’t go into why on earth Google thinks I might want this, I just want to know how to turn it off.

I tried to find out how to do this by googling and the answers were not clear, so I am writing how I did it on the off chance that other people want to do this.

In Google Calendar desktop version, click on the cog near the top right corner and select settings from the drop down list.




Then select the Calendars tab (link) on the left immediately below the title Calendar Settings.


In the list you should see one that says:

Birthdays ‘Displays birthdays of people in Google Contacts and optionally “Your Circles” from Google+. Also displays anniversary and other event dates from Google Contacts, if applicable.’

You can uncheck the ‘show in list’ option to remove all birthdays taken from Google+.

If you want to see the birthdays of your contacts rather than all your circles, click on the link to the birthdays details. There is then an option to show birthdays from Google+ circles and contacts or Contacts only (see image). Once you have changed it, remember to save.


PS Google, I’d like an option to make sure that my birthday doesn’t pop up in other random people’s calendars. I don’t recall agreeing to that!