Following on from my previous post about Twitter hashtags, this post is specifically about hashtag hours. Hashtag hours are times on Twitter when people use and follow a specific hashtag to make connections with each other and retweet each others posts. It’s a way to expand your network and to be mutually supportive of businesses. They are often local area based or on a specific theme.

Below is a list of these twitter hours that attracted me based on my interests and clients that I work with. All listed UK time. If you’re going to participate in these then check out the rules and aims first, perhaps watch what goes on and then tag away. To get the most out of it I suggest that you see it as an online networking event, setting aside that time slot and focus on retweeting and reacting, as well as promoting your own activies.

#CraftHour @craft_hour Sundays 7-8pm https://www.facebook.com/crafthour

#gigglethings  @GetGiggling Mondays 8-9pm British designed and handmade items http://www.gigglinghedgehogs.co.uk/

#indiehour @TheIndieHour_ (don’t miss the underscore)Tuesdays 7-8pm Independent Businesses  http://theindiehour.com/

#charityhour @charityhouruk Wednesdays 8-9pm for charities and supporters UK wide http://harrisonmann.co.uk/news/harrison-mann-launches-uk-wide-charityhour-twitter/

#BizGrowthHour @bizgrowthhour Mon, Wed, Fri 3pm, 8pm Promote & grow your business (too frequent to keep track of IMO)

#guildfordhour  @guildfordhour Tuesdays 8-9pm http://www.guildfordhour.co.uk/ (Good advice on how to use the hour).

#northantshour @northantshour Thursdays 8-9pm @Northantshouruk http://northantshour.wordpress.com/about/

#lancashirehour @lancashirehour Thursdays 8-9 http://lancashirehour.co.uk/

#northwesthour @northwesthour Mon 3-4pm, Wed 8-9pm & Fri 9-10pm (too frequent to keep track of IMO) http://www.hoodoonetwork.com/

#bizhour @bizhour weekdays 2-3pm UK businesses (too frequent)  http://www.hoodoonetwork.com/

#englandhour @englandhour Sundays 9-10pm http://www.hoodoonetwork.com/

#ManchesterHour  @manchesterhour Wednesdays 2-3pm Fridays 11am to noon

#Londonhour @londonhour Mondays 7.30-8.30pm No other info I could find.

Other hours to look at:

  • #LeedsHour
  • #HuddersfieldHour
  • #WakefieldHour
  • #SheffieldHour
  • #BradfordHour
  • #LiverpoolHour
  • #Bridehour

Other hashtags of interest (not time specific)

#twitterartexhibit @twitrartexhibit http://twitterartexhibit.org/ Utilizes social media and public engagement to generate income for charities and nonprofit organizations. Artists donate postcard sized art which are then for sale via the website.

#BigArtBoost @BigArtBoost  @aplace4creation https://www.facebook.com/APlaceForCreation http://www.aplaceforcreation.com/

Hashtag hour leader board(???)

Worth a look http://www.socialsleuth.net/twitterhours-leaderboard

Google Calendar

I’ve embedded a calendar below with some of the hashtag hours I’m interested in. If you have Google Calendar yourself you should be able to save to your own as a reminder (click on an entry then on the ‘copy to my calendar’ link in the bottom of the box that should appear – desktop not mob).