I am drawn to the uncluttered style (sweetness) of WordPress Sorbet theme, but can see that maybe users will find difficulty in navigating round it (stickiness), since there isn’t an obvious side bar or menu. So I am collecting examples of it in use to see how adaptable it is and how creatively it’s being used. If you find any others, please let me know in the comments. To see the menu items users have to click on the button with the horizontal lines (becoming a familiar icon?), to see any widgets click on the cog (to me that would say settings not widgets and kind of loses the point of widgets as attention grabbing items), for links to other social media places click on the heart (hmm, not sure about this) and for search the magnifying glass (I think most people would figure that out).

Free version examples


Slide7 (1600x724)

Slide2 (1600x728)

Customised version examples


Slide1 (1600x726)

Slide6 (1600x728)

Slide3 (1600x704)

Slide4 (1600x725)

Slide5 (1600x701)

More information

The information for WordPress.com users is here http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/sorbet/ and WordPress.org here https://wordpress.org/themes/sorbet.

I particularly like how The Design Bender site has overcome the issue of hidden menu by having a static home page and using image links to the menu items.

Slide8 (1050x1335)