Blogging University logo #blogging201I signed up for a free 14-day course from which started in earnest today. Below are my responses to the challenge for day one.

Details of the challenge for today are here: and the original post about two blog challenges starting today is here:

1 Why do I blog?

  • As a place to save the things I have learnt so I can find them again myself and so that I can share them with others.
  • To give me some credibility in the field that I am working in of social media marketing
  • To practice what I preach and to experiment and learn about the medium
  • As a way of gaining some business and therefore earning a living in a flexible way from home that suits me much better than working in an office of any sort.

2 If my blog exceeded my wildest dreams what would it look like?

Very similar to now, but it would have more views, comments and interactions. Hard to quantify that but a few comments per post that would show that people had engaged with it and it had been useful.

3 Why I am doing the course?

My reason for joining the course is that I help other people with their social media marketing and one strand of that is blogging. I wanted to see if there are any tips that I am missing for passing on to my clients. And it is important in this world to keep polishing skills and learnng as much as possible. I thought it was an ideal opportunity to make some new contacts in the blogosphere.

4 Other thoughts and goals

I write another blog to promote Bernard Young, who is a poet ( The target audience is UK primary teachers (who are predominantly women) and the aim is to entice them into booking Bernard for paid poetry workshop sessions in schools. We’ve had some successes in him being found and booked solely from this site. If I was to set goals for that blog they would be:

  • A structured calendar/advance schedule of blog posts
  • More subscribers, views and interractions on the blog (not sure what numbers I would put on that)
  • More views (perhaps through recycling content via other social media)

For anyone from the course who has popped by, I wrote a blog post “Five Reasons for Writers to Blog” that may be of interest: