Having seen this blog post in my WordPress Reader, http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/niche-blogger-traffic/, I decided to check my mobile settings.

The blog post is worth a read and, in summary, suggests three things:

  1. Good tagging of posts
  2. Seek out bloggers with similar interests and interact with them
  3. Make sure your blog works in mobile device format as so many people read blogs on their mobile devices

After I read that, I checked my own blog on my android mobile and there seemed to be some problems with how it looked. In particular the menu wasn’t coming up. I thought I had chosen to apply the mobile options that were part of the current theme, but it turned out I hadn’t. Now I have rectified that. To change the setting in Dashboard, go to Appearance and pick Mobile Options from the list under Appearance. The image below shows the options available to me and how it looks on my phone with the menu list showing and without. (Remember to save after you have changed the options).

Screen print mobile blog setting