I felt the need for a change to the look of my blog and fancied trying out some new themes. A new feature in WordPress that I haven’t noticed before is the preview option on a theme for other devices (mobile and tablet). This is very useful given that more and more people are using mobile devices for their viewing.

My previous theme was iTheme2. Now I have updated to Triton Lite*. I’m liking the column format and it seems to suit my posts that have a mixture of images, videos and text, but I’m not totally convinced that the featured posts feature the way I really want. There are some customising choices of colours, but not many to my taste.

Other relatively new themes that I liked the look of:

Twenty Fourteen

I’m not keen on the default black background but there are a few alternative colour themes to pick form in the free version plus you can pay and then have much more control. However, this template didn’t work well with my content style.


Another interesting look for an image based blog and some colour palette customising options in the free version. I think I will change one of my image based blogs to this template but it wasn’t right for this blog.

*Update: Changed my mind and went for another option, Expound. I liked the look of Triton Lite on the home page but not how the posts appeared without the feature image (iTheme2 includes the feature image on the post), so I would have had to go back and edit all the posts to have an image if I wanted that. My view is that updating a theme should not involve any post editing to get the look you want. I really much learn how to make my own theme to get it how I really want.