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This is the procedure for claiming your own blog on Bloglovin. You need to paste a link (as above the button) into a blog post (in some cases has to be at the top so that is where I am putting it), publish it and then click on a button on the bloglovin site. Full details what to do are here:

What is Bloglovin? It’s a blog reader that puts all of the posts from blogs you follow in one place.  There’s a web, iPhone and Android app.  Alas the recommended firefox add-on is out of date and not compatible yet with my updated version.

This is the reason given for claiming a blog on the site: “Claiming your blog on Bloglovin acts as a proof that you own the blog – and therefore we can give you extra information about it on Bloglovin as well as grant you access to change its information, for example description, category and thumbnail.” You can ‘claim’ as many blogs as you have.

A downside that I see to this site is that its categories are limited and biased towards the interests of the people who set up the site.  Originally they were aiming to set up a fashion website.  A screen print below shows the available categories as on 15 October 2013. Categorising can be limiting. I’m dubious about how much being on here will have any effect on views and followers, but time will tell.bloglovin

In the interests of understanding, I’ve done some searching on what other people are saying about Bloglovin.  Here are some posts about it:

  • Offbeat YA – not a happy bunny, because of frames and loss of stats
  • H R Sinclair – happy with it as an aggregator /reader
  • Practically Functional – compares Bloglovin and Feedly as alternatives to the now gone Google RSS feed reader.

What I’ve learnt from that reading, and experimenting, is that when people follow your blog on Bloglovin you won’t get stats on your own blog about it, they will be in Bloglovin, because they use a frames set up when you open to read the full post with a menu bar on the top.  So, since anyone can follow your blog via Bloglovin, whether you have an account there and ‘claim’ your blog or not, my advice would be to claim your blog anyway, so that you can see the stats relating to it, and maybe it will be a place that you get more viewers from.