I’ve been browsing wordpress themes in relation to those that have an alternative rich-browser mobile version included rather than the standard wordpress mobile theme.

Here are some free themes that caught my eye:

Hatch theme

“A simple, responsive, and minimal portfolio theme” which I can see would be very useful for people who are blogging mostly images – for artists/craft people to show off their portfolio, but also for people selling stuff where each product has a post and an image that appears on the home page.  I also am interested in the parent>child>grandchild menu structure options. The mobile version is quite nice and clean.  Demo here: http://hatchdemo.wordpress.com/


“A responsive, post format-packed, photographer-loving portfolio theme. Use it for your portfolio and make your friends jealous.”  Another one suitable for artist/crafts people. It has a parent>child menu structure for pages. The downside for me is that it appears to use featured images on the home page, but the featured image doesn’t appear on the post itself (ie if you click on an image then it takes you to a text only page – so I guess you’d have to add the image you want twice if you also wanted it to appear in the post).  I am also not keen on the mobile version of this as on my phone the title and tagline take up the whole screen and you have to scroll down to the thumbnail images.  I guess this wouldn’t be so bad with a short or no tagline. Demo here: http://mixfoliodemo.wordpress.com/

Sunspot Sunspot

(“A sharp and sun-splashed theme”) is interesting if you like a dark background (I don’t).  I do like it’s four column layout where you have main menu on the left, including parent>child>grandchild menu options, and widgets on the far right and then two columns in the middle for your posts.  Demo here: http://sunspotdemo.wordpress.com/


VisualAnother dark background theme with 3 columns but no side menu or widget space.  To me it looks more like a tumblr template or a magazine form.  Main menu and parent>child menus from a drop down list at the right (maybe not so obvious to the uninitiated).  It also seems to use featured images and some (or all?) of the post on the home page but the featured image doesn’t appear in the post. I have to say though that the mobile version does look rather nice. Demo here: http://visualdemo.wordpress.com/
Info about mobile themes here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/mobile-themes/

I tried all of the above themes on this site and they all looked horrid with the content that I already have, so I reverted back to iTheme2 (demo: http://itheme2demo.wordpress.com/).  The only one that would have been OK would be Visual, but only if I could edit the colours to lighter, which is possible for the fee of $30.