I’ve been doing a photo a day project since 5 January 2011 on Blipfoto Lately it’s lost its appeal so I’ve not been doing it every day.  I’ve done 805 journal entries at the point of writing this blog post.  I’m not sure if it is the taking a photo every day or the time it consumes in interacting in the community.  But certainly the way that the site is managed and controlled without real respect and consideration of the members as stakeholders, bothers me.  It feels like a kingdom rather than a community and that is not a place that I really want to hang out, however many of my friends are there.

So I have been looking into alternatives.  Here are some that look interesting to me:

365project http://365project.org/

Free to join and use.  Premium service $19.99 (approx £13) a year. Free service: Easy upload, one picture (or video from youtube URL) per date, select date yourself, not restricted to EXIF data. Email upload option. Colour grid display of own photos and others, nice calendar view option. Add title, description and tags. Browse by latest, camera, popular, new faces, day and tag. Option to invite up to 10 friends to join.

ShutterCal http://www.shuttercal.com/

“ShutterCal will always be friendly and free. Our site is supported completely by our ShutterCal ShoeBox & Print Service, and ShutterCal Postcards sales. Profits from these services go towards further development of the site.”

“We love when creative people come along with a neat idea we haven’t thought of. A drawing a day? A poem a day? A news clip a day? This is your daily project and the sky is the limit.”

Shuttercal can connect with facebook and lots of sharing options for each image (not automatic). Nice options to purchase prints of your images – as a monthly delivery in a box, or postcards sent including postage and message. iPhone app. iPhoto plugin. Calendar display.  Not such a good format for adding text – only captioning not title, no tagging.

Collectphoto http://collectphotoapp.com/

A free iPhone app that allows you to select one picture for each day from your collection on your device and present in a calendar format. You can share each day & each month via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email.

More information

More information and some other options given in this blog post: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/top-4-photo-sharing-websites-share-photo-everyday/