Having recently received several spam emails apparently from my dead mother (disconcerting to say the least) it has led me to wonder what will happen to all the stuff I have online when I am gone.

First on the dead mother emails, it turns out there’s no obvious way for me to contact yahoo and have the account frozen, even though somehow it’s spamming me and the rest of my family and her friends.  As she has been gone for nearly 2 years, it seems  as if it should be possible to prevent.

Anyway, it has made me think about my own digital legacy which is far greater than hers. I have at least 130 accounts of things that I have to log on to (and that’s just the things I have remembered to bookmark).  How do I deal with that in my will? What things would I like to disappear forever and what would I like to remain for all eternity?  These are big questions and while I am so busy churning it all out, I wonder how to find the time to even think about it, let alone act.

I found this article which at least covers some of the issues and has some solutions.  http://www.computeractive.co.uk/ca/pc-help/2129410/safe-digital-legacy

I’m thinking the idea of a password protected list with all my accounts and passwords, that then the password for that is saved somewhere securely or maybe, for real cloak and dagger spy stuff, parts of the password are given to several people so that all must come together to unlock the code…