I’m very interested in flexible ways of working, not going to an office every day, not working 9-5. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really advocating not getting out of bed and not referring to the ‘oldest profession’, but I use that metaphorically to represent not needing to get dressed smart, leave the house, commute somewhere, and spend many wasted hours to do a core bit of good work. However, I am actually writing this in bed and do spend quite a few hours on my laptop here, because that’s where I like to work, but equally I could be in a park or coffee shop, by the sea, round a friend’s house, anywhere.

So I was pondering the other day if I could do research work online from home and googled ‘freelance research’ and up popped a site top of the list http://www.peopleperhour.com/ (they’ve certainly got their SEO working).

I cannot report any success yet, but, since I joined the site last week, I have been digging around trying to make sense of it and how it could work for me, and it seems to have a lot of potential.  There are three ways of selling yourself on there:

  1. By putting a proposal in for a job of which there are lots that come through daily
  2. By advertising things that you can do in a fixed time period for a fixed amount of money, called ‘hourlies’
  3. By your profile being picked by someone who’s looking for your kind of skills and asking you to put a proposal to them.

What I am finding so far is it’s making me think more widely about what I can do.  It has always been the difficulty having many strings to one’s bow how to represent that.  Currently I am focusing on what things I could do as a package on an hourlie basis but I am trying not to put all the things I ‘can’ do and instead focusing on the things I like doing and want to do more of. I think like anything there needs to be some effort put in to start with to reap rewards later so I will report progress later on.

In the process of my search I found some other sites that I still haven’t fully investigated:

There are lots more places to look, see: Top 50+ Freelance Market Places Online

If you want to follow other things I find, I am bookmarking ‘freelance’ in delicious.