I have just learnt via the power of the Internet that since 15 December 2010 Council’s have been legally obliged to offer an online petitioning facility.  Worth googling your own council’s.  This is Manchester City’s http://petitions.manchester.gov.uk/petitions.ti

I was actually looking as I wanted to start an e-petition about the cost of postage.  I have the idea that if the price of stamps was lower then the post service would be more economic and that the prices they have put stamps up to will end up driving them out of business.

I think they should introduce a 10p postcard stamp and have a reduced rate for cards at Christmas of 25p.  They wouldn’t need to print special stamps and go through the fuss of distribution as they could offer this as an internet only print yourself  smartstamp service.

So I delve into Royalmail to see if they are similarly required to have an e-petition service or offer any kind of consultation and it turns out they had a consultation between 19 October and 19 November and received only 2 responses.  Well fancy that.  Who knew?  See: http://www.royalmail.com/customer-service/terms-and-conditions/non-contract-terms-and-conditions

There are other consultations coming up so now I need to read up before I start my e-petition.  I feel a campaign coming on…